Malicious Amphibians and Cynical Politicians

It would appear that Hillary Clinton has never been formally introduced to the concept of "trolling". Perhaps unfamiliarity with the Internet shouldn't be surprising from a person who rather routinely has trouble with basic technology (e.g., email). Nevertheless, this election cycle has descended into realms of insanity where a candidate from a major party has an entire page on her website devoted to a cartoon frog meme. No, really.

That cartoon frog is more sinister than you might realize.

I literally cannot read that without laughing. I don't know which is more ludicrous the foregoing quote which asserts that a cartoon frog from MySpace (popularized by 4chan) is "sinister" or the fact that what passes for "research" is linking to an article on the Daily Beast (owned by a company on the board of which sits Hillary's daughter) that in turn quotes an anonymous nineteen-year-old on Twitter as a credible source (Clinton's site simply calls him "prominent").

Of course, the whole bit is a cynical ploy to agitate the Democrat base.

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